What is a flipper denture?

By September 29, 2015Dentures

A flipper denture replaces missing teeth temporarily. They are generally used to provide a temporary solution to patients waiting for their dental implants to fully integrate or waiting for a fixed bridge.

Flipper dentures, also knows as a flipper, provides a much needed temporary solution so patients do not have to go to work or other social event with missing teeth. In some ways, a flipper is a lot like a retainer with a tooth on it. It should not be used as a permanent solution as a partial denture provides much more support and function. Flipper dentures are also sometimes referred to as: transitional partial dentures, temporary dentures, flippers, flipper teeth, or dental temporaries.

When are flipper dentures most beneficial? 

  • Cost – The main benefit is cost. Flipper dentures or flipper teeth are the least expensive option to replacing missing teeth.
  • Time – Flipper dentures can generally be made quite quickly.

What are the limitations of conventional flipper dentures?

  • Not Permanent Solutions – Flipper dentures are considered temporary solutions. We do not recommend them for long term use. For long term solutions, we recommend partial dentures, a fixed bridge or implant retained bridge.
  • Strength – Flipper dentures are often made from acrylic (pink) and denture teeth (tooth portion). There can be issues in the bonding as well as the bonding of the clasps sometimes used. Conventional flipper dentures can be quite brittle and easily broken. The weakness of the material means that they do break quite frequently.
  • Speech – Because of the weakness with the bonding and the acrylic material, the flipper denture generally has to be made a little thicker. The result is that speech is sometimes effected. This can take some time to get use to.

How to care for your flipper denture: 

  • Remove your flipper denture at night. We do not recommend that you sleep with your flipper at night.
  • Clean you flipper denture every night. Be careful when cleaning it to avoid breakage. Avoid the use of conventional toothpaste as this can scratch the acrylic. We often recommend using some form of denture cleaner and soaking your dentures in water. Do not use boiling water or place your flipper in the microwave as this may warp your flipper denture.

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