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By April 18, 2016Dentures
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Top misconceptions when it comes to dental implants

When I would see how happy patients were after having dental implants placed, especially after struggling with dentures for years prior, I would often ask myself “why isn’t everyone who is missing teeth getting implants?!”


I did some research and found that there were 4 common reasons that patient’s were not choosing dental implants:


Fear of Surgery

Many people cringe at the thought of undergoing any type of surgery but what they don’t realize is how quick and easy the procedure actually is.  Patients who have implants compare the experience to having a filling or simple tooth extraction.  The most painful part was actually the freezing which is no more than a little pinch.  Once the anesthetic kicked in they didn’t feel a thing.

Swelling and discomfort after the implants are placed is minimal and the majority of patients find that they are able to continue with everyday activities as soon as the following day.

Lack of Understanding

75% of patient’s who have dental implants say that they would have chosen implants as soon as they lost their teeth had they known the common difficulties that come with wearing a conventional denture.  The problem was that they were not given this information before they had made the decision to go with a conventional denture.

Dental implants are the next best thing to healthy natural dentition.  The implant placed in the jaw bone give teeth the support that your natural teeth had from the roots and the materials used give the teeth a very natural appearance.  These are both very important attributes but perhaps the most over-looked benefit; the way in which the implants preserve the bone.  This is significant for the facial structure as well as comfort.  The more the bone deteriorates, the closer nerves are to the surface of your gums, which can cause major sensitivity.


Length of Treatment

Patients often assume that the procedure for dental implants is lengthy.  Let’s face it, you, I and everyone else does not want to go for any extended period of time without teeth.  It’s embarrassing, of course we don’t!  Luckily, this is not the case with dental implants.

The actual procedure only takes around 1-2 hours and systems such as All on 4 implants and single implants allow you to leave the same day with teeth.  Temporary fixed teeth are placed the same day with All on 4 implants and a single temporary crown with the single implant.  These are replaced with permanent teeth after healing is complete.  This means that you never have to go without teeth!  Great news!



One may look at the initial cost of dental implants compared to a conventional denture but it is important to look at the big picture.  Yes, dental implants do cost more but if cared for properly they can be with you a lifetime.  Conventional dentures are less expensive but due to bone loss have to be replaced every 5-7 years and relined every 12-24 months.  These costs add up over time.

I like to compare this to a situation I dealt with when I was younger.  My first car, a 2003 Saturn Ion.  It was inexpensive, I thought it looked good and it got me from A to B…..for awhile.  After having it for a couple of years the repairs begun.  Lets just say my local garage knew me very well and were probably quite fond of me for putting their children through college!  In the end, with the amount of money I put into that thing I probably could have bought a Mercedes, twice. I finally gave in and bought a higher end vehicle which I still have today.  I care for it with scheduled oil changes and haven’t had any problems.

Moral of the story is, sometimes things appear to be less expensive but actually end up costing us more when all is said and done.  And like my car now, if you take good care of your implants with routine check-ups and a good oral hygiene regime they will be with you for a very long time.

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