How to remove a flipper / denture

By October 14, 2015Dentures
Remove denture

Sometimes it can be slightly challenging to remove your flipper or your denture due to the precise fit. Flipper dentures in particular can also be relatively fragile so you must use caution.

  1. To avoid breaking your denture, place a towel in the sink in case your denture falls. If your dentures do fall into the sink, it may chip the teeth or fracture the denture.
  2. Rinse your mouth with warm water or mouth rise to loosen your dentures.

Flipper Denture – When removing a flipper denture, firmly grasp the flipper from the tooth portion and pull downwards. You can also try to wiggle it out, but avoid twisting it.

Partial Denture – Grasp the denture by the tooth portion and gently try to disengage the clasps of the denture. You can rotate the denture slightly if you are unable to pull it out.

Upper Denture – Press your thumbs against the front teeth, then push up and out.


The video attached to this Article by Fixodent helps to visualize the process.

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