How is a flipper denture made?

By October 9, 2015Dentures
Flipper Denture

The process of making a flipper denture is quite labour intensive and has not changed much in the last few decades.

Flipper dentures are generally used as a temporary measure to replace missing teeth. For those looking for a long term solution, it is recommend that a partial denture be used instead of a flipper denture. A partial denture is generally made with a metal framework which provides more support than clasps on a flipper denture. Clasps on flipper dentures / temporary dentures can also damage neighbouring teeth when used for long term solutions.

The Youtube video (by Raymond Ramos) attached to this article goes through the current process of making a flipper / temporary denture.

The main steps involved in making a flipper denture include:

  1. Taking a impression of the patients mouth
  2. Pouring the impression up with stone
  3. Grind down a tooth of the appropriate shade to fit the space.
  4. Drill in a retentive hole into replacement tooth
  5. Bend clasps to anchor on to neighbouring teeth
  6. Glue clasps to appropriate position
  7. Mix acrylic
  8. Secure clasps with acrylic
  9. Add acrylic to rest of flipper
  10. Place flipper denture in curing pot
  11. Remove excess acrylic
  12. Polish flipper denture
  13. High shine flipper denture
  14. Insert / deliver to patient

Due to the labour intensive process, it can generally take some time for the lab to complete all of these steps.

At Perfit Dental Solutions, we believe that the conventional way of making a flipper denture is due for a change. We are excited for the future of digital dentures!

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