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By March 25, 2016Dentures

Getting new dentures is like getting a smile makeover. It’s like having a blank canvas that you can create any smile you wish. Smiling with new white shiny teeth will help you feel younger, you’ll want to share your new smile with the world.

New dentures can help you feel younger, but can they also help you look younger?

Poor Fitting Dentures

Dentures don’t last forever. Overtime, the bone and gum beneath your denture will shrink, leaving a gap. This gap will cause the denture to be loose as it looses suction against the gums. A denture reline may be necessary in order to “fill the gap”.

Denture Reline - Filling an important gap

Denture Reline – Filling an important gap


Do you feel like you appear to always be frowning? Does your face appear sunken-in? Lips disappeared? These are all indications that you are wearing a poorly fitted denture. Or maybe you aren’t wearing a denture at all to replace missing teeth.

Facelift Dentures

Along with tooth loss comes bone loss. As the bone deteriorates or old denture teeth wear down, you are able to close your jaw further than its natural position. If your denture does not make up for this bone loss your lips can curl inward making them disappear, your face loses support and fine lines form around the mouth. As you’re able to close your jaw further, your lower jaw also has the tendency to jet forward which can cause you to have the appearance of a constant frown.

Facelift Dentures

Dentures are often associated with aging but the truth is, with the proper fit, a denture can actually help reverse the effects of aging!

Using personalized facial measurements, an equilibrated denture restores the natural contour of your face. These measurements allow your denture provider to determine the teeth that will best compliment your face, the amount of lip support needed to eliminate the signs of aging caused by bone loss as well as restore lost vertical. See attached picture below. youthful dentures, facelift dentures

The technique used to restore the natural contour of your face isn’t proprietary, although some refer to these dentures as Facelift Dentures or Youthful Dentures. Every dental professional makes an attempt to restore the natural contour.

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are a great option to avoid further bone resorption. The bone on the upper arch resorbs upward and toward the palate causing the denture to lose its vertical as well as pushes the teeth back losing both lip and facial support, allowing your jaw to over close. Dental implants stimulate the bone and preserve bone height preventing these changes from occurring. Dental implants give you back the security and confidence that you had with your natural teeth and if cared for properly can last you a lifetime.

dentures, dental implants, kelowna dentures

While wearing a denture you have the benefit of customizing your smile at an affordable price. Take the time with your denture provider to ensure satisfaction with your new smile. Try-in appointments allow you to have input on the appearance of your smile. A precisely fit denture that is customized to your facial structure will offer you full lip and facial support and can even smooth out skin around the mouth minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Restore confidence behind your smile and knock years off of your age with a personalized cosmetic denture.



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