Denture Relines

By February 24, 2016Dentures

Nobody likes loose dentures > Denture relines could help

Denture Adhesive

Are you using denture adhesive to avoid the embarrassment of your teeth ending up on the table during family dinner or worse, a special occasion? Are your dentures rubbing areas of your mouth causing sore gums? These are common issues people have when dealing with loose dentures, you may be in need of a denture reline.

Some people become frustrated when their dentures become loose. Especially if the have been misinformed that dentures last forever. Let me explain the truth as to what happens to your gums once teeth are lost and why relines are necessary.

When you are missing a tooth (or multiple teeth) there is no longer a root stimulating the jawbone, communicating that tissue and bone support are needed, and the bone actually begins to shrink. The majority of this change in bone structure happens within the first 6 months following dental extractions. This shrinkage continues at a much slower rate throughout the rest of your life. One should not be surprised to expect a reline needed every 2-5 years. Personal health will also play a role in the rate at which bone loss occurs and the frequency that relines are needed.

The Denture Reline Process

Your dentist or denturist will take an impression inside of your existing dentures, which will produce a duplicate of your gums in the state they are in today (with bone loss). A lab procedure is then carried out to replace impression material with a hard acrylic to improve the fit. This process is commonly completed within one day.

Soft Denture Reline

There are some cases when bone loss is of the excess and the supporting tissue becomes very thin causing tender gums under the hard denture base. There is the option for such cases to have a soft reline done instead. The same process takes place only using a softer material in place of the hard acrylic. The soft material is more porous than the hard acrylic, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria. For oral hygiene purposes, these liners have to be replaced more frequently.

It is important to note that relines only improve the fit of your denture and not the function of the teeth. If you are having problems chewing your food due to worn down denture teeth, you are likely in need of a new denture and should talk to your denture provider.

With the progression of digital technology in dentistry there may come a time when a new denture can be printed in the same amount of time that a reline is completed, which may eliminate the need for relines altogether!

A simple reline can bring back the confidence behind your smile!


TAKE DENTURES OUT AT NIGHT – constant pressure on gums and supporting bone accelerate bone resorption

WHILE CLEANING DENTURES, ALSO USE A SOFT TOOTHBRUSH TO MASSAGE GUMS – this allows undisrupted blood flood to the supporting bone and tissue.

DENTAL IMPLANTS – The best way to solve the problem of loose dentures is with dental implants. Dental implants stimulate the bone much like the root of your natural teeth, preserving bone height and sometimes even stimulating growth!

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