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Are you ready to say goodbye to loose dentures forever?

There is nothing worse than having your dentures fall out in public. It is embarrassing.

While you can always use denture adhesive, denture adhesive doesn’t guarantee that your dentures won’t fall out. It is messy, expensive and completely avoidable. Proper fitting dentures do not require adhesive. If your dentures are more than 2 years old,  denture relines can improve the fit of your denture.

To fit properly, denture relines need to be done every 2 years and replaced every 5 years. The cost of dentures in Canada is approximately $2500 / set and a reline is approximately $600-800. You should plan on your dentures costing you $7,500 – $8,000 every 10 years for entry level dentures.

Dental Implants may be the solution to your problems

Here are 5 main problems with dentures that you may be experiencing:

1. Facial Appearance

When the bone in your mouth shrinks, it can make create a “sunken in” appearance in the face which can make it look like you are frowning.

With dental implants, you help preserve the bone in your mouth which supports your cheeks and lips. Sometimes dentures can act as facelift dentures.

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2.Difficulty speaking

Speaking with a denture can be difficult. Most people have difficulties pronouncing words with “s” or “f” sounds. In a recent study, 88% of patients reported that they have difficulty speaking with dentures, 25% said dentures had very difficult problems.

With dental implants, the restoration is very slim and easy to speak with.

a little explanation of Hypersalivation prostheses

3.Difficulty eating & lack of taste

Natural teeth are strong and firmly supported to the bone. As a result, you can eat whatever you want. With dentures, the denture is resting on the gums. In order to remain firmly in place, your upper denture has a palate which covers the roof of your mouth. As a result, many patients report that they have difficulty tasting their food. Because denture patients lack taste, they tend to over-salt their food, which leads to other health issues.

With dental implants, the roof of your mouth remains open and you can eat whatever you want! 


Dental implants – eat with confidence


4.Mouth / oral pain

The health of your body is linked to your oral health. Dentures rub against the gums in your mouth and can cause sore spots. In addition, because dentures are also resting on the bone in your mouth, they do not prevent the bone from shrinking. In the first year after losing teeth, the average patients bone will shrink by 25%. This is an issue because this bone holds your denture in place. The less bone you have in your mouth, the more likely it is that you will have a loose denture.This is the reason that denture relines or denture adhesive is required on a denture that once fit perfectly.  If the bone shrinks too much, you may need bone grafting which can be expensive.

With dental implants, you’re preventing bone loss. Prevention is always the best cure!


Denture Reline - Filling an important gap

Denture Reline – Filling an important gap


5. Confidence

If dentures have influenced your confidence and your social life, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization:

“Individuals with missing or no teeth are considered as being “disabled” due to loss of chewing ability, poor digestion, poor diet, and diminished self-esteem. As a result, health suffers and quality of life is compromised.” 

With dental implants, the disability of missing teeth is eliminated. You can eat the foods you enjoy and have an active healthy lifestyle.



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Oral Health, Denture diet, strong bones

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