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Do dental implants hurt?

Why do patients say no to dental implants?

This may surprise you, but the number one reasons people don’t go ahead with dental implants is NOT COST. It’s actually not even in the top 3 reasons why people say no to dental implants!

The top reasons patients say no to dental implants is:

1. Fear of Pain

Dental Anxiety is the number one reason people say no to dental implants. Human instinct is to avoid pain at all cost, so why would we willingly sign up for something when maybe we could get away without it? It all comes down to the second reason people don’t go ahead with implants – lack of knowledge.

Patients have said that having their teeth cleaned was more painful that getting dental implants. With proper planning, the procedure can be incredibly quick and local anesthetics can reduce much of the pain.

The reality is, dental implant surgery is no fun. No surprise there. However, most people don’t really consider the pain of alternative solutions. If you go with a dental bridge, expect the bridge to require replacement every 6-9 years and there is ongoing pain associated with this procedure. Affordable dentures can be a great short term solution financially, but long term, the cost of dentures can add up and the pain is often overlooked.

denture pain, denture sore spots, denture sores

Denture pain is generally attributed the sore spots and the bone shrinking. When the bone in your mouth shrinks, the denture has less bone to “hang on to”. Over time, the bone in your mouth will flatten out making it very difficult for a denture to fit properly and remain firmly in place. While denture adhesive may help, it is not a recommended long term solution. Over several years, the nerve in the mouth can become exposed which creates a burning or tingling feeling when rubbing against the denture. Once this has occurred, bone grafting is the only way to correct the problem which is much more painful.

Dental implants generally last a lifetime and require significantly less aftercare compared to dental bridges and dental implants.

If you want to reduce dental visits over your lifetime, the best advice is prevention. Brush your teeth to prevent tooth-loss and when needed, get dental implants to prevent bone loss.

Some of the questions we are frequently asked are:

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2.  Lack of Knowledge

What can dental implants do for you?

A recently study showed that 75% of patients would have gotten dental implants, had they known about bone loss! 

If dental implants consume time and money, there better be a really good reasons for getting dental implants! Here are the top 5 benefits of dental implants:


  • Facial Appearance

When the bone in your mouth shrinks, it can make create a “sunken in” appearance in the face which can make it look like you are frowning.

With dental implants, you help preserve the bone in your mouth which supports your cheeks and lips. Sometimes dentures can act as facelift dentures.

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  • Difficulty speaking

Speaking with a denture can be difficult. Most people have difficulties pronouncing words with “s” or “f” sounds. In a recent study, 88% of patients reported that they have difficulty speaking with dentures, 25% said dentures had very difficult problems.

With dental implants, the restoration is very slim and easy to speak with.

a little explanation of Hypersalivation prostheses

  • Difficulty eating & lack of taste

Natural teeth are strong and firmly supported to the bone. As a result, you can eat whatever you want. With dentures, the denture is resting on the gums. In order to remain firmly in place, your upper denture has a palate which covers the roof of your mouth. As a result, many patients report that they have difficulty tasting their food. Because denture patients lack taste, they tend to over-salt their food, which leads to other health issues.

With dental implants, the roof of your mouth remains open and you can eat whatever you want! 



  • Mouth / oral pain

The health of your body is linked to your oral health. Dentures rub against the gums in your mouth and can cause sore spots. In addition, because dentures are also resting on the bone in your mouth, they do not prevent the bone from shrinking. In the first year after losing teeth, the average patients bone will shrink by 25%. This is an issue because this bone holds your denture in place. The less bone you have in your mouth, the more likely it is that you will have a loose denture.This is the reason that denture relines or denture adhesive is required on a denture that once fit perfectly.  If the bone shrinks too much, you may need bone grafting which can be expensive.

With dental implants, you’re preventing bone loss. Prevention is always the best cure!


Denture Reline - Filling an important gap


  • Confidence

If dentures have influenced your confidence and your social life, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization:

“Individuals with missing or no teeth are considered as being “disabled” due to loss of chewing ability, poor digestion, poor diet, and diminished self-esteem. As a result, health suffers and quality of life is compromised.” 

With dental implants, the disability of missing teeth is eliminated. You can eat the foods you enjoy and have an active healthy lifestyle.


3. Length of Treatment

Most conventional dental implant procedures are done in two stages. In both scenarios, a temporary implant bridge or implant denture is used. This temporary is then replaced 6 months down the road.

At Perfit Dental Solutions, we have made significantly stride in reducing the length of treatment.

This one is on us!


4. Dental Implant Cost

As dental implants become more popular, the cost will slowly decrease overtime as more companies compete and the complexity / time of the procedure is decreased. Sure you can get a good deal abroad in Mexico, but if you consider the additional risk, it’s hardly worth the cost for a one time procedure – if done right.

Cost of dental implants is the most commonly used excuse for not proceeding with dental implants, but the reality is, the fear of pain, knowledge and length of treatment are far more significant. Even if you ignore all of the benefits of dental implants, they still are the cheapest long term solution!  

Consider this, if you go with an economy denture it may cost you $3,000 every 5 years for replacement and $2,000 in relines, repairs and adhesive. Every 5 years you are investing $5,000 in your oral health.  If you have 2 implants placed, the cost is approximately $7,000 – $10,000, you have a solution that will last a lifetime! After 10 years, dental implants are the cheaper solution.  Short term, dentures are more affordable –  long term, dental implants are much cheaper.

Dental Financing can help! Because dental implants save you money long term, there are a perfect thing to finance.




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