All-on-4 Dental Implants

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Whether you are dealing with the headache of loose dentures or are looking for an option to replace your failing natural teeth, all-on-4 implants could be a good option for you. Dental implants have been shown to improve patients quality of life by enabling them to eat what they want with confidence and live their lives without boundaries.

All-on-4 implants

All-on-4 dental implants also referred to as a fixed bridge or teeth-in-a-day, permanently replaces a full arch using 4 precisely placed implants and a dental bridge.  The process allows for the total rehabilitation of upper and/or lower arches, closely replicating the function of your natural teeth (when they were healthy!).  This is something you simply cannot acquire with a removable denture.

With its high success rate, patient acceptability and affordable cost, the All-on-4 has become one of the most popular treatment options for full arch restoration.

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Benefits of All-on-4 implants

  • Teeth-in-a-day leave the clinic with a new functional smile the same day your implants are placed.
  • Treatment is completed in one day saving you time and money that may have been lost due to time taken off work.
  • Eat what you want when you want. No longer avoid dining out or eating your favorite foods due to the fear and embarrassment of dentures becoming loose.  Focus on how succulent that steak tastes instead of what’s happening with your dentures as you attempt to chew.
  • Dental implants Cost –  All-on-4 successfully functions with only 4 implants in comparison to traditional methods which would need a minimum of 6-8 implants per arch.
  • Often eliminates the need for bone grafting and sinus augmentation which saves you from large surgery bills and longer healing times.
  • High success rate. Studies have shown a 98% success rate of patients with All-on-4 implants.  These implants can be with you for a life time when cared for properly.
  • Reduced healing time. The minimally invasive surgery allows for quick recovery time.  Most patients are able to return to their normal routine the following day.
  • Eliminates sore gums caused by loose dentures rubbing on tissue.
  • Restore lost facial support associated with bone and tooth loss, knocking years off your age.
  • Improved quality of life. All-on-4 implants restore confidence behind your smile, with improved aesthetics and stability you will look and feel better.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Who is a good candidate for All-on-4 implants?

Anyone who is currently wearing full dentures and is looking for a permanent solution or someone who is about to lose their natural teeth and are looking for a solution with minimal transition from their natural teeth.  There is no age discrimination when it comes to treatment but for the best success patients should have good general health and a healthy immune system. They should also show the ability to practice good oral hygiene.  It is important for the success of the implants to clean implants as you would your natural teeth. Dental Implant care is important! Protect your investment. If dental anxiety is one of the reasons you are avoiding dental implants, contact our experts today to discuss the specifics of treatment.

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