7 Questions to ask your denture provider

By April 11, 2016Dentures
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At Perfit Dental Solutions, our primary goal is to see the advancement of the dental industry as a whole. Digital dentistry will create more affordable denture solutions for patients around the world. So regardless if you go with a Perfit digital denture or a conventional denture, these are the important questions you should ask.

At Perfit, education is always free. If you only get dentures every 5 years, think of us next time:) We know you’ll love the benefits of digital dentures. 

Whether you are missing a tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth, a denture is a good option to restore your smile and give you back the confidence you deserve. If you are thinking about getting a denture but don’t know what questions to ask you are not alone. Here is a list of questions you may want to discuss with your denture provider prior to treatment.

What are my treatment options? Dentures? Dental Implants?

Is a complete denture my best option or should I consider dental implants or denture implants? Explore your options. Do you need to replace all of your teeth or could your natural teeth be restored with a partial denture and some restorative work? Your denture expert will be able to present you with options along with their prognosis. When in doubt, consider a second opinion. Many clinics that we work with offer free consultations. 

Will my appearance change?

Are you uncomfortable with change and don’t want people to be able to detect any changes in your smile? Or maybe a new denture / dental implants is your chance to get that nice, straight, white smile that you have never had. Whatever you are looking for in a denture, make sure you communicate this to your denture provider as not everyone is looking for the same thing.

What will be the cost of my denture and what is covered?

Nobody likes these types of surprises. Discuss denture cost with your denture provider and what is included with this cost. Also, if you have insurance, be aware of what they will cover. Many insurance companies have their own fee guides and may not cover the full amount of your denture. Most of the dental providers we work with do direct billing to your insurance company and can send in a pre-authorization to determine exactly how much your insurance will cover prior to treatment so there are no surprises.

What is the procedure and how long will it take?

Depending on what type of denture you’re getting it can take anywhere between 2-6 appointments before you receive your denture. Ask your denture specialist what each appointment will entail and how many appointments will be needed. With Perfit dental solutions, we have significantly reduced the turn-around times to get you smiling faster. Ensure that your denture provider can meet your expectations so you can smile with confidence.

Are there different types of dentures available?

Not all dentures or implant dentures are created equal. Once you have selected the ideal treatment, explore the different options available and which would be most suitable for your needs and expectations. Generally it is possible to upgrade teeth or other components of the denture.

What issues can I expect and how do I overcome them?

Ask about speech, eating and sore spots. These are common difficulties that one faces when adjusting to a new denture. Your denture provider will be able to offer you advice and tricks to overcome these issues and help make this transition period as painless as possible. See how Perfit is addressing some of these issues with smaller profile dentures that make speaking easier with the worlds first fully digital denture. 

How long will my dentures last?

Denture life spans will vary with each individual and their unique situations. Ask what you should expect for life expectancy and what you can do to prolong the life of your denture. Dental restorations are a big investment. The more informed you are about procedures, cost and options the more confident you will be with your final decision. Inexpensive teeth tend to wear down faster than high quality teeth. Ensure you ask your denture provide which brand of teeth they use.


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