3 Signs you may need Dental Implants

By April 18, 2016Dentures
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3 Signs that you may need dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth causing a decrease in your self confidence and making it difficult to eat and speak?  Are you currently wearing a denture or dental bridge that you are unsatisfied with?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider dental implants

Signs you may need dental implants

1.You are insecure about your smile

If you are missing anterior teeth this can cause you to feel self-conscious every time you smile.  Dental implants can restore your smile providing you with a restoration that is natural looking and functions like your own.  The implant also acts as a substitute for the lost tooth root.  This stimulates the bone and prevents natural deterioration of the bone that occurs after tooth loss as well as preserves the health of the neighboring teeth.

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A study conducted by Nobel Biocare revealed that the majority of people rated their smile and appearance of their teeth to be the most important traits when it came to their personal appearance.  The study also showed that there was the largest gap between importance of these traits and how satisfied each individual was with theirs.  Dental implants are a great option to close the gap between importance and satisfaction.


2.You have difficulties chewing food

Perhaps you are missing teeth or wearing a denture that is preventing you from eating all your favorite foods with ease.  Whether you’re attempting to bite into something as hard as an apple or as soft as a PB&J sandwich this becomes difficult when you are missing teeth or struggling with a loose denture.   There are removable partials and denture flippers that can fill these spaces but you are still recommended to take them out while eating which does not help the situation at all. And denture adhesive can be used to help with a loose denture but the taste of adhesive alone is enough to ruin a meal.

Healthy natural teeth have biting forces of 1000 PSI (Pounds per square inch). When you lose teeth and replace them with a denture your biting force decreases to 50 PSI.  That’s 5% of what you originally had! Dental implants are a permanent solution which give you back nearly 100% of your chewing ability allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods again!

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3.You are unsatisfied with your denture or dental bridge.

Have you replaced missing teeth with a dental bridge or denture and still feel insecure with your smile?  The top reasons people feel this way are due to them becoming loose over time or a dissatisfaction with the esthetics.

When you lose teeth the bone that used to support the teeth begin to deteriorate.  This bone resorption continues throughout the rest of your life causing dentures to become loose over time.  Denture relines are needed to keep dentures snug as these changes occur.  Unfortunately the more bone that is lost, the more difficult it is to obtain a tight fit with a conventional denture.

Bone loss can also effect your appearance.  Lack of bone support allows the face to sink in adding years to ones age.

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While a denture or dental bridge only replace the crown of a tooth, dental implants replace both the crown and the root.  This helps preserve the bone and encourage regrowth eliminating the problems caused by bone loss.

With a success rate >95%, dental implants have become a popular and highly acceptable choice of treatment for tooth loss.  If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, contact your dentist and book an implant consultation.


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