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Are you experiencing any of these top 5 denture problems?

  1. Are your dentures loose?
  2. Do you have difficulty speaking?
  3. Do you have difficulty eating and tasting your food?
  4. Do you avoid social situations in fear of embarrassment?
  5. Do you avoid dental visits and hate impression material?

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All-on-4 Dental Implants

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Whether you are dealing with the headache of loose dentures or are looking for an option to replace your failing natural teeth, all-on-4 implants could be a good option for you. Dental implants have been…

Dental Implant Care

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Caring for your dental implants To ensure long-term success of your dental implants maintenance is key.  Implants do not develop cavities like your natural teeth but they do accumulate plaque and tartar which can lead…

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The truth about Dental Implants

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Top misconceptions when it comes to dental implants When I would see how happy patients were after having dental implants placed, especially after struggling with dentures for years prior, I would often ask myself “why…